Timber Blinds (Wooden, Fauxwood, Bamboo)

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Wooden Blinds is the most popular window treatment for living room, bedroom, study room, kitchen and also the bathroom because it looks aesthetic simple and its elegant design, the favorite of consumers.

With GREENWindows Wooden Blinds, we are using basswood which is the best material for Venetian Blinds. In fact, the function of wooden blinds in addition to shading, light controlling and ventilating, we also need to consider the texture of wooden, stable sizes, mechanical strength which is the material of Basswood can do.

Basswood slat being the first choice of GREENWindows Wooden blinds is because of its fantastic material characteristic.


 1. The density of Wood:

Testing Object Balance / (g*cm-3) The difference between square feet Coefficient of variation
Air-dry Density 0.52±0.03 0.0010 6.16
Full dry Density 0.49±0.03 0.0008 5.93
Basic Density 0.42±0.03 0.0006 5.95


2. Bending resistance:

Normally bending resistance will decrease after being made into a wood slat, it will withstand certain pressure and may be deformed. For basswood material, the wood has a compression strength of 75.01 MPa at a moisture content of 12%, the bending resistance greater than other wooden slat materials.


 3. Tensile strength:

 The tensile strength of alder is 103.65 MPa, and the value of the tensile strength of down grain is greater than that of conventional wood. The down grain tensile strength is the maximum capacity of the wood to withstand the tensile load along the fiber direction, and it has a lot to do with the strength of the fibers or tracheae in the wood, as well as the length and arrangement of these cells, and whether the texture is straight.


4. Visual characteristics:

The microstructure of the basswood, which has no obvious size difference between ducts and few wood rays, determines its unique surface characteristics, which plays a key role in the visual effects and aesthetics of the blinds. 


Specification of GREENWindows Wooden Slat

Size of Slat 35MM / 50MM
Material of Slat Basswood
Coating Technique UV Colour Coating
Application System WB35E | WB50P | WB50G
Standard Width 78" (198CM)
Code Identify 4 Alphanumeric, start with "W"


View more materials on web: 50MM & 35MM


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When come to Wooden / Fauxwood Venetian Blinds , we know that they do have some idiosyncrasies and function and look better in different rooms of the house. And it could match any decor and style with color choices and stains that are anything but ordinary, ranging from many shades of white and cream to the traditional natural wood stains to modern gray and black in popular distressed or rustic options. But what is the different between Wooden Slat & Fauxwood? Are wooden slat is better because of it's natural material and fauxwood being cheap because of it's PVC material? Let's have a look which materials is perfectly match the best selection for you.



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