Window Solution: The Reasons why you need to cover your window

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Prevent from Sun Damage and Fading

When the sun is streaming on the windows, we always keep the window shades close.  As much as we love the sunlight, we also want to protect our furniture, just as it does with our skin. The sun will do major damage to fabrics in a very short period of time. Window treatments are the best way to protect the interior of our home, even a good-quality sheer window treatment can filter out much of the UV rays streaming into your home, minimizing damage while maximizing your light.


The Privacy and Security

Even though you feel that your home is private, but without window treatments, your home is open for anyone to peek inside. Covering the windows is especially important during the evening hours when the darkness outside makes it much easier to see into our well-lit home. Just like the same way that window treatment brings a sense of privacy to home and protect it from the sun, the window treatment will also help to keep your home secure. Would-be thieves search for opportunities to peek into a home to check if you've got something worth stealing, keeping your windows lined eliminates their ability to case your home. In addition, keeping your Blinds drawn when you are away from home, to keeps folks from knowing whether anyone is home.   


Insulation of Window

Whether you stay in a warm or cool climate, adding window treatments to a room will help regulate your home’s temperature.  Good blinds will block the sun during the hot days, keeping your home cooler all the time. 


Light Control

Instead of having the sun in your eyes during the breakfast, or glare on your television every evening, try window treatments.  Whether you need something sheer to cut the glare or a shade to block out every ray of light, blinds and shades will do the solution.


Consider as Decoration

Interior design is all about texture, window treatments just look good.  Adding a calico fabric, wood blind or fabric Roman shade at the window brings another layer of texture, pattern, and color to embellish your home. And, if you worry about covering up that great view or gorgeous woodwork, you may pick the see-through material to make the best for both worlds. 




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