Window Treatment Idea for Bay Windows

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Bay windows may be one of the strongest design elements in a room. This large window lets in lots of natural light and adds a graceful feel to any room. There are TWO ideas that you can take when decorating your bay window.

Outside the Bay

You should determine whether you would like to treat the bay window as one massive unit or as several individual units. When using the outside the bay approach, the windows are treated as one single unit, with the curtains hanging in front of the bay. One feature that you would generally look for if you wanted to use window treatments in this way is the presence of ample header space. When the curtains are open, they serve as a decorative frame for space and the view beyond. The softness of the window treatments is a necessary addition to the hard edges of the bay window construction. When the curtains are closed, the bay disappears into a comfortable nook and (possibly) can serve as a backdrop to other furnishings or features which are in close proximity.

Inside the Bay

Instead of treating the bay window as a single unit, you might wish to treat each window as an individual piece. Each window inside the bay will have its own individual window treatment which is mounted inside the bay, While each window treatment is separate, they all work together in harmony. In this case, you would use a single angled rod which is custom-made to fit perfectly inside by following the shape of the bay window. The window treatments can be full-length running to the floor if there is no built-in seating, or they could be shortened to accommodate built-in features in the bay area. Two variations are more private and less private. The more private approach would include individual coverings, such as shades or shutters for each window. With decorative drapery panels flanking the sides of the bay window. The less private approach would include only slender panels flanking the bay on either side. 


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